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Contents / The markets of Bodrum
Bodrum and its environs, famed for its outdoor markets set up somewhere every day of the week, dispense good health in a myriad of edible herbs...

Nothing brings people together like the colorful outdoor markets that are set up year round on different days of the week in cities and countries all over the world. And what gives those markets their color are their people, their fruits and vegetables and the thousand and one edible herbs they offer. Over the centuries people of every culture have come together at markets to shop and chat, exchanging goods and gossip of every variety. All market shopping involves authentic bargaining, face to face, in person, with the seller. From time immemorial, markets have held their own as the world's original shopping centers, based first on barter, then on money. Every day innumerable people at the world's innumerable markets offer each other the produce they have planted, tended and grown. For offering something is more important than making a sale.
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