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Malta Speical Offers

City Guide : Malta

Malta, the island country of Southern Europe, is made up of 3 large and 2 small islands located 93 kilometers south of Sicily. Being located at the intersection point of the Mediterranean, Malta is known as “the Magnificient” among local people. It has been the region of various civilizations since prehistoric times with its strategic location guarding the east-west passage way, its sheltered natural ports, and its all-year-long mild climate.The city ,with a historical richness that would not be expected from a country with its area, displays a touristic outlook with its seven thousand year historical make, sun, and the sea.

The fact that it declared its independence as late as 1964 affirms the strategic importance of its location. Its contemporary traffic rules, laws, and educational systems have remained from the English, who ruled the area lastly. The economic and social collaboration between England and Malta is ongoing today and the country is recognized as part of the United Kingdom similar to many other former English colonies.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    After getting past the main gate of the city called “City Gate”, and seeing –in order—Saint Catherine Chapel, Victory Church, Auberge de Castille (used as the Prime Minister’s Office Building today), and the old Exchange Building; you can pass over to the Upper Barrakka Gardens. The incredible view of the Grand Port—in which the Ottoman siege took place—; the cities of Vittoriosa, Senglea, Marsa, and Karkara; and the large shipyards of Malta— which are used for  building ships— are for you to see here.

    Another incredible place, after the Barrakka Gerdens, is the Baroque style St. John Co-Cathedral. In a special section within this magnificient church, you can also see “the Beheading of St. John the Baptist” and “St. Jerome” by the famous Italian artist Caravaggio.

    The Malta National Library, Archeology Museum, and the Statue of Queen Victoria are places that you must see, located on the Republic Street—the main street of Valletta.

    Palaces built for knights, fortresses, castles, and religious structures are among sites which are most frequented by visitors of Malta. In the Grand Masters’ Palace you can see the richest armor collection of the world; in addition to Caravaggio’s masterpieces and decorations, reliefs, and ceiling frescoes made with Maltese stone.

    Visiting the historic city of Valletta is like taking a step towards the past. The city was built righ after the Great Siege of Malta (the Great Ottoman Invasion) between 1566 and 1572. It was named after the Grand Master Jean Parisot De La Vallette, who defended the country during the Great Siege. As the construction of the city resembles a grid-like structure with streets located parallel and perpendicular to each other, the wind never stops in Valletta giving the city a breeze and the quality of spaciousness even during times with very high temperatures.

    Gozo is the second largest island in Malta. It’s area is approximately 65 square kilometers, while its population is approximately 30,000 people. By following a route through Bugibba, Mellieha, and St. Paul, you can get to Gozo with a ferry boat that leaves the Cirkewwa Port located on the farthest northern point of the island. The boat ride, during which you can see the little islands of the country which are Comino and Cominotto, takes nearly 30 minutes.
    The Ta’Pinu Church, which is the first touristic spot you reach after passing through Victoria, was built after a girl working in the surrounding fields saw the Virgin Mary in her dream, under the belief that the area is sacred.

    In the following touristic spot called Dwejra; the rock formation called the Azure Window, the Fungus Rock, and the Inland Sea are for you to see. This area, in addition to being one of the most important scuba-diving locations, is the location where many famous movies including Troy, the Gladiator, the Count of Monte Cristo, and Odysseus were filmed.

  • Culture & Entertainment

    St. Julians is a region known for its nightlife and clubs which are open all night long, the customers of which are mostly students from all around the world. 

    Every town has a special festival that is organized during summer. You can see how generous and ambitious Maltese people are about entertainment and fun in the competing towns.

  • Food & Drink

    Seafood, tomatoes, potatoes, and olives are used commonly in Maltese dishes. It is possible to find every type of seafood. The best seafood restaurants of the country are located in the fishermen’s village called Marsaxlokk. Eastern Mediterranean Bluefish (Lampuka), which comes out during the winter, is the country’s national fish. Also, dishes cooked in the oven with rabbit meat and vegetables are unique to the country.

    The ketchup made from the tomatoes grown in Gozo, without any additives or synthetic ingredients under the warm and sunny climate of Malta, is very well-known among the gourmets around the world. The reason why this product is not well-known all around the world to a large extent is the fact that its production volume is limited to a certain level.

    Also in Gozo, two kinds of a special type of cheese is made of goat’s milk: plain and with black peppers. All types of pastries, the pastry called “honey-hoop” similar to croissants, and al types of pasta are commonly found all around the country.

  • Shopping

    In a little shopping center along the way past Dweira, you can buy Maltese lacework and glasswork and try various dishes unique to Gozo. Among the items which you can buy in Malta are wine, liquor, lacework, glass statuettes, knight statuettes, Gozo cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, caper bud, Gozo ketchup, Kinnie, and hand knitted sweaters.

Ticket Sales Offices : Malta

Malta Airport Office
Address Malta International Airport, Departure Hall, 1 st Floor, Luqa LQA 4000, Malta.
Phone 00 356 20927540/41/42
Call center: 00 356 20927500
Fax 00 356 20927560
Work Hours

Sales Office: Flight Days:09.00-17.00

Address Cargo Village, Luqa LQA 3290, MALTA
Phone Call center: 00 356 20927500
Work Hours

08:30 - 17:30

  • Malta : Airport Information

    Luqa Airport

    Address : Malta International Airport Luqa LQA 4000
    Phone : (+356) 21249 600
  • Malta : Airport Map Information

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