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City Guide : Salzburg

Salzburg, the fourth largest city of Austria, is also the capital city of the state with the same name. The city, which was founded on the banks of Salzach River and at the foot of the Alps, gets its name from the salt deposits that used to the be the source of income at the time. Salzburg, which neighbors the German state of Bavaria, is located 270 km west of Vienna.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    The first thing for you to do is to go up to the Hohensalzburg Fortress by the funicular railway. Let us point out the Hohensalzburg Fortress is one of the most well-preserved fortresses from the Middle Ages in Europe. The view from the  Festungsberg Mountain is unparalleled; the city that is shaped with churches to the north and the Alps to the south form a spectacular view.

    After the Second World War, Salzburg attained a more significant position in terms of commerce. However, touristic activity has always been more determinative. What boosted tourism is stated to be 'the Sound of Music” which was released in 1964.

    Structures from the Middle Ages and public squares of varying sizes in the Baroque architectural style form a magical city atmosphere from a fairytale. The Hohensalzburg Fortress is situated at a place that overlooks the city. The historical city center known as Altstadt and the Hohensalzburg Fortress are located in the western part of the city called Salzachufer today. The region that can be described as “the New Salzburg” has expanded on the right side of the river with train and bus stations, and neighborhoods.

  • Culture & Entertainment

    Museums, Public Squares, Historical Locations, Monuments

    The city, which is the birth place of the famous classical music composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, welcomes thousands of classical music lovers at the Salzburg Festival (Salzburger Festspiele) that is organized every year. Therefore, tourism comes first in the life of the city, as the number one determinant factor.

    The house where one of the greatest names in classical music, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, was born called Mozarts Geburtshaus or Hagenauer Haus is among the primary spots to visit. The house where the genius composer was born in 1756, still stands in perfect condition today.

    Rupertinum is one of the places worth visiting in the city, as its museum of modern art. The art gallery called Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, located right next door, can be seen as a complementary art location.

    The palaces called Mirabell, Aigen, Leopoldskron, Johannes, Fransis, and Arenberg, and the street tunnels of Austria are other monumental structures to be visited.

    Parks, Games, Events, and Natural Areas

    Salzburg, which was known as Juvavum in the beginning, was located on one of the most important trade routes of the Roman Empire. This settlement, which was heavily affected by the Gothic Invasions, was rebuilt in the place known as the historical city center today, in 696. Salzburg, which was governed by bishops starting from those times, has always been known as a place of religious significance. With the building of churches, palaces, and fortresses in the Baroque style, it has obtained its magnificent current appearance.

    Stating that most of the entertainment venues of Salzburg are located in the historical city area known as Altstadt would not be wrong. The atmosphere of the area, which is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, is worthy of exploring in and of itself. Old public squares, fountains, Baroque churches, buildings unique to the Middle Ages, wrought iron sign boards, and many more are among the details you will come across in this area.

    Hagenauer Haus, the house where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born and raised, is flooded with visitors especially in the months of July and August. The classical music festival that is organized in the city, called “Salzburger Festspiele” increases this frequency.

    Salzburg is definitely a metropolitan city; however one with a unique miniature atmosphere and order. For this reason, the best way of visiting the city is walking. Even a short stroll in the city center will allow you the opportunity to explore many details in the city. Magnificent monuments, impressive palaces, lush green parks; and Mozart Square (Mozartplatz), Franciscan Church (Franziskanerkirche), St. Peter's Archabbey -which together make up the area that can be described as the historical city- are among places to see in one go.

    The city roaming card called the Salzburg Card, which you can buy depending on how long you will be staying, can prove most useful. This card which allows you sometimes free and sometimes discounted entrance to the important touristic locations; also offers quite convenient discounts in cultural events and city tours. You can also utilize the funicular railway, buses, and such vehicles of public transportation free of charge.

    The lake region that is famous for its viev called Salzkammergut, Salzburg's source of clean water as the cleanest lake of the country called Lake Fuschlsee, the lakes located north of the city, Basilica Maria Plain and Liefering Parish (Pfarrkirche St. Martin Liefering), Kleßheim Palace, and Untersberg and Gaisberg mountain regions are only some of the nearby places you can visit.

  • Food & Drink

    The traditional cuisine of the region can be described as a combination of Bavarian and Austrian dishes. The Austrian Cuisine is relatively more colorful and various; containing Bohemian tastes, Hungarian spices, and Mediterranean influences.

    Salzburg is a very fortunate city, in terms of places to dine. You can find many restaurants that can be deemed first class. Modest atmospheres, large portions, tall glasses, and traditional dishes -all of which keep the traditions of Central Europe alive- are definitely present here.

  • Shopping

    Salzburg is filled with stores that offer not only global brands, but also lines by the designers of the city. In this respect; although it is not a city of fashion, it has a unique shopping tradition of its own. Figurines, handcrafted items, and clothes carry the Alpine tradition in one way or another. The most well-known examples of the traditional clothing that are Trachten and Lederhosen clothes, are some of the most popular souvenir items to buy from Salzburg. We must certainly add the candy and chocolate called “Mozartkugeln.”

    If you get the chance to see the markets called Christkindlmarkt (Christmas Market) that are set up in 3 public squares every year before Christmas, you are very lucky. The markets, which are set up in Domplatz, Kapitelplatz, and Residenzplatz are in service from November until the new year. Various items, from winter clothing to foods unique to the area, are available for sale in the marketplaces.

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Ticket Sales Offices : Salzburg

Salzburg Sales Office
Phone Call Center: 0810 222 849
+43 662 8580 9611, +43 662 8580 9612
Fax +43 662 8580 9619
Work Hours

Saturday 08:00-12:00

Sunday 08:00 - 12:00 / 16:00 - 19:00

MONDAY: 08:00-15:00
TUESDAY-THURSDAY :12:00 - 19:00
WEDNESDAY-FRIDAY : 08:00 - 1200 / 14:00 - 19:00
PUBLIC HOLIDAY : (According to the flight time 08:00-12:00 & 16:00-19:00)

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    W.A. Mozart Airport

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