Books Bursting With Life

A philosopher once said, “To read a book like being inside the mind of another human being.” This month we’ve selected some books that approach life from different angles.

Notes On Life

Halis Kuralay, who is visually challenged, has written a biographic motivational book for everyone: Touching Life. Kuralay’s outlook is compelling. Showing how obstacles in the mind can be overcome with the right kind of motivation, Kuralay has put his signature on a book that is at once a good read and a life lesson.

Noise In Footprints

In her new book of short stories, Noise in Footprints, Cihan Aktaş describes people who have settled outside their country, whether by choice or by necessity. In these stories, which focus on the relationship between man and his location or the city, Aktaş describes people who live amidst the world’s different sounds and cultures, from Amsterdam to Los Angeles, from Japan to Istanbul.

Able To Speak Of Love

Prof. Dr. Levent Çelik Seçer is a medical doctor who has been interested in music and literature for years. Now he has published a book of short stories titled Not Enough Time For Love. At the heart of the book, in which Seçer relates own life experiences in a blend of the essay and short story genres, is the concept of love, whose meaning and value we do not adequately appreciate.