Anadolu Jet takes on new sponsorship

A subsidiary of Turkish Airlines, Anadolu Jet has undertaken sponsorship of Renault Williams rally driver Tayfun Apuhan.

Director of Regional Flights Sami Alan announced the airline’s sponsorship of the 2009 Turkey Rally Championship at a recent meeting at Çorlu Airport. “As part of this one-year contract,” said Alan, “we are supporting a single driver of a very special car like the Renault Clio Williams in Turkey.” Briefing participants on Anadolu Jet’s operations and overall situation, Alan said that the airline currently flies to 25 destinations from Ankara. “We are linking all points in Anatolia,” said Alan. “Taking at Anadolu Jet as a whole, we are serving at 85% occupancy. This means an average increase of 25% since last year in our number of passengers. This is a very good and non-trivial percentage. These figures are especially important in a year that will be remembered for an economic downturn. Anatolia is standing up for its jet airline and we are grateful.” Pointing out that Anadolu Jet has developed a new program, Alan told participants that everyone who purchases a round-trip ticket from Çorlu to Ankara will be given a third ticket tax-free. After the press conference and reception that followed, rally driver Tayfun Apuhan took a brief turn around the track with the car he has used in races.