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Aden flights

City Guide : Aden

Aden is a city which stands like a castle at the foot of a mountain, which remains magnificent although it has lost its volcanic activity. The city is at a location where it dominates the Gulf of Aden and consequently the Arabian Sea. This location is 346 kilometers south of Bab-el-Mandeb and 160 kilometers east of Sana'a. The climate is quite hot in the summer, while mild in the winter. What truly displays the character of the city is, without a doubt, the fact that it is the center of commercial activity which originates from the city and expands to the whole country. With the advantages of being a harbour city and a free trade zone; a very sophisticated city life reigns in Aden.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    The harbour area, known as Crater, has a very unique architectural style. The area, which has the appearance of a natural harbour today, is actually a crater formed by a volcano. The ancient history of the city dates back to 7th century BC. The area known as Mualla and starts at the end of Crater is interesting with relatively more modern structures. Tawahi region, on the other hand, is known as the region which has remained from the colonial area to today. Gold Mohur and Hurmaksar are outer regions of the city, where private houses are common. The administrative buildings of the city, Aden University and the airport are located from this point on. We must point out that Aden International Airport is the second largest of its kind in the country.
  • Culture & Entertainment

    Museums, Public Squares, Historical Locations, Monuments

    The old structures of Aden, many of which are made up of remains of fortification walls and tunnels, can be found in and around the historical region of the city -Crater. The tunnels were being used by the locals of Aden until the 1940s, both as a route for camels that transported goods and for vital necessities.

    The west gate of the city and these tunnels also set the borders of Crater, the historical region. The foot of the mountains called Jebal Shamsan are located northeast of the old city. From these historical ruins, which were largely destroyed in 1964, Sira Fortress is among some that can be seen today. Jebal Cadir and Jebal Elyan fortresses and the Cisterns of Tawila are also among ruins to be seen.

    13 tanks remain from the Cisterns of Tawila, which were built with stones cut and woven in a way that will hold water. 50 million liters of water, which flowed in from the Valley of Tawila, could be kept in these tanks; the number of which reached 58 at a certain point. Another spot for a historical visit in Crater is, without a doubt, the lighthouse. You must head to the Mualla region in order to see the traditional boats.

    Both of the two museums of the city are located in the Crater region. In addition to the National Museum, which is interesting with its antiquity, the Military Museum is a cultural location to be visited.

    Parks, Games, Events, and Natural Areas

    The unique coastal area of Aden, which marks the southeastern end of the Red Sea and opens to the Indian Ocean, is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  The variety and originality of this fascinating landscape deserve to be explored in and of itself. Watching the sunset, traveling between lagoons, and climbing up on volcanic mountain slopes are among exploratory experiences available.

    In order to reach the most beautiful beaches, one needs to head to the southern part of Aden. This area, called Little Aden, serves as proof of why  the city shares the name of heaven as stated in the holy books. Little Aden is also a part of the Crater region. Along the coast, you will come across small fisherman's settlements. The Indian Ocean, on the other hand, will appear on the horizon.

    The list of must-see places in Aden in one day start with Aden Cisterns and Sira Fortress. Afterwards, the National Museum for Antiquities can be visited in order to see the historical and cultural abundance. The historical region of the city, Crater, should definitely be included in that one day.

    Transportation in the city -especially for tourists- is carried out by taxis which are called “mer mer” and operate like share taxis. The fare for share taxis heading to either one of the two directions from Tawahi is the same. It does not matter whether you are heading to Crater or Sira, the fare is 40 Yemeni Rial.

    Transportation via taxis is also available, although at a relatively higher price. Most of the touring of the historical region of the city can be done on foot. While you can rent a vehicle in order to roam more freely, you can also opt for boat tours to enjoy the view from the sea.

    Sheikh Othman-a former oasis-, Al-Mansura -which was founded by the British-, and Madinat ash-Sha'b are other locations in the area. Ash-Sha'b region, also known as Madinat al-Itihad, was the capital city during the South Arabian Federation era. Today, on the other hand, it stands out with facilities for energy production and desalinization; in addition to some faculties of Aden University.



  • Food & Drink

    Fresh fish is the most famous and authentic food of Aden. Pita and pastries are among foods commonly consumed. Kubz bread baked on iron plates is often used to make wraps. You can find dishes here, from the Middle Eastern cuisine and from the shore of the Red Sea. In addition to wraps made with fish, Zurbian and Shwarma made with lamb are among local tastes. An interesting fact is that tea is served with milk, as a tradition remaining from the British colonial era.
  • Shopping

    Crater region can be considered as the central area for shopping. You can visit the market that is set up in this region. The variety of headscarves and the local clothing for women called abaya are interesting. Spices are quite various and commonly found. Exotic items, perfumes, and traditional oriental items can be bought as souvenirs.

    The fish market located near Sira and the region of Mualla are other places to visit for shopping. In addition, there is a shopping center called Aden in Sira.


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