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City Guide : Tripoli

Tripoli is the capital of the Libya Republic. It is one of the most beautiful cities along the Mediterranean Sea. The country, located on the Mediterranean cost of North Africa, has borders with Egypt to the east, Tunisia and Algeria to the west, Chad and Niger to the south, and Sudan to the southeast. The name of the country “Libya” is derived from the word “Lebu” used by ancient Egyptians for the Berbers living on the western side of the Nile River. The word “Lebu” became “Libya” in ancient Greek.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    Tripoli, founded by Phoenicians in 500 years BC, has witnessed many civilizations. The most impressive sites in the city are Green Square and Martyrs Area. You should definitely see Assai Al-Hamra Castle nearby. At the Jamahiriya Museum inside the castle, many artefacts ranging from the Neolithic age up until today are displayed.

    The Old City is situated behind the castle. You have to spend three hours to thoroughly visit this site. Among its cultural riches, there are bazaars such as the Turk and Al Mushir suqs, narrow streets with arches, white washed houses, Karamanlı Mosque, En Naka mosque which is said to be 1200 year old, Ottoman era mosques such as Gurji, Osman Pasha and Dragut Mosques, madrassas (Islamic religious schools), and inns. You should also see old French and British embassies, churches, city walls, gateways and Marcus Aurelius Arch.

    The Jamahiriya Museum known as the heart of Tripoli is a very important institution. The exhibits and their presentation make it one of the most important museums in the world. Including several artifacts ranging from the Neolithic age till modern times on display, the museum consists of 47 galleries on 4 floors.

    Assai Al-Hamra, also known as the Tripoli citadel, has been home to many lords over hundreds of years. It is assumed that the first tower was built to protect Libya against Muslim attacks in the 7th century. You can enter the citadel with your museum ticket. The citadel is open all days except Monday between 8 am and 2 pm and also on Friday from 4 to 6 pm.

    Little has survived of the Roman city named Oea which occupies an important place in the history of Tripoli. Aurelius Arch left from the four-pillared bridge of Marcus Aurelius is a rare monument.

    Gurji Mosque dating back to the Ottoman era was built by Kaptan Mustafa Gurji in 1833. The mosque which is one of the most prominent temples in Tripoli has an exquisite pulpit. Another Ottoman era mosque is Karamanli dating back to 1738. This mosque which is at Green Square and behind the Tripoli Citadel displays the finest example of woodcarving in Tripoli. The Italian Cathedral at the center of Tripoli has been used as a mosque since 1970. The rebuilding of the original church was completed in 1928.

    The Karamanli family ruled Tripoli through most of the 18th and in the first half of the 19th centuries. They have left behind the Karamanli House which was built by Yusuf Karamanli at the beginning of the 19th century. With their fall, the house became consulate for the Italian state of Tuscany.
  • Culture & Entertainment

    Libya is one of the strictest among Arabic countries with regard to alcohol and drug use. Especially after the 1969 revolution, nightlife in Tripoli is virtually non-existent. The revolution day is celebrated on the first of September.

    You can drink fruit cocktails at hotel bars; mint tea, fruit juice and narghile at cafés. The most popular cafés are inside the Ottoman Tower and at Green Square. Before or after visiting them, you can have a walk along the Mediterranean coast or have a picnic in mini parks.

    Musicians and dancers perform in wedding ceremonies, religious festivals and main celebrations. Many festivals has been given recently especially in the southern part of the country. It is possible to get information on festival days from tourist offices in the city and join the festivals by attending one of the tours.
  • Food & Drink

    “Couscousi” is the most well-known local dish in Libya. It consists of steamed mutton or lamb served with wheat and semolina. It is flavored with vegetables and a spicy sauce. Another traditional dish called “bazen” is served with hot sauces and eaten with fingers.

    It is an indispensable part of lunch for the Libya.

    Red and green teas with mint are the national beverages. The tea almost always served in tiny glasses comes to the table flavored with sugar. Especially after dinners, mint is added to the tea as well.

    In Tripoli, you will have a wide choice of foreign dishes from Chinese to European kitchens, including fish. American fast-food chains have also succeeded in penetrating inside Tripoli.

    You can usually find empty seats in any restaurants. It is very rare that you wait for a table and waiters are quick to find you a seat. Prices in restaurants range from 6 to 60 dollars.
  • Shopping

    You can buy leather goods, hand-made rugs and carpets, traditional silk and gold, silver jewelry as souvenirs from Tripoli.
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Ticket Sales Offices : Tripoli

Sales Office
Phone +218 213351350
Fax +218 3351351
Work Hours

Weekdays 08:30-15:30

Saturday 08.30 - 12.30

Sunday 08:30-15:30

Closed on Friday.

Phone 218-21-360 58 65
Work Hours  
Address P.O. Box 752, Ahmed Sahwezi Str., Tripoli Libya
Phone +218 91 218 8552
Work Hours  
Address Shuhadda Al Nofleyeen, Central Tripoli, Libya
Phone +218 92 47 10 225
Work Hours  
  • Tripoli : Airport Information

    Tripoli Airport

    Address : Tripoli Airport, Libya, Tripoli
    Phone : +218 22 605026
  • Tripoli : Airport Map Information

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Area : 400 km²
Population : 1.680.000
Monetary Unit : Libyan Dinar
Phone Code : 218
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