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Odessa flight ticket

City Guide : Odessa

Located at the southwestern Ukraine, Odessa is the fourth largest city in Ukraine after Kiev, Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk. Being the capital of the Odessa Region, it is a major seaport on Odessa Bay of the Black Sea and the largest port in Ukraine. While Odessa stands as the major seaport and industrial hearth of the country by engineering, food processing, shipbuilding and oil refineries it is also a cultural centre by its university, museums, and theatres. The city is a significant highway center and rail junction.

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  • Tourist Attractions

    Being the product of a long history, Odessa has a geography which was occupied by Greeks, Turks and Russians throughout the history. The marvelous architectures, historical monuments, the limestone houses and the large health resorts are the most valuable tourism treasuries of Odessa.

    At the center of the city Potemkin Steps reside. Placed at the most beautiful section of Odessa, Prymorsky Boulevard, it was made famous by Eisenstein in his film of “The Battleship Potemkin”.

    Vorontsov, Tolstoy, Brzozowski and Potocki Palaces owned by the mentioned names are among the best architectures of the city. These architectural monuments impress the visitors. The Statue of the Duke of Richelieu and the Vorontsov Monument are two of the other popular attractions placed at the city.

    The mined houses built of limestone in the 19th century formed a spectacular underground labyrinth captivating thousands of tourists.

    The Arkadia Beach is one of the most crowded summer locations flocked in by the local people and the city visitors. 
    Odessa has a great deal of parks comprising historical monuments and beautiful fountains. Shevchenko Park, Preobrazhenskiy Park and Victory Park are the tree of these recreative areas. 
  • Culture & Entertainment

    Odessa is an important cultural center by its university, municipal library, museums and theaters.
    Odessa Opera Theater the facade of which was decorated in Italian Baroque style is one of the best edifices placed at the city. Regional Russia Drama Theater, M. Vodyanoy Musical Comedy Theater, Regional Concert Hall, Regional Puppet Theater and the State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater are among the best performing art centers of Odessa.

    Puskin Museum placed at the centrum is home to magnificent works of Pushkin. It is a captivating collection that the art lovers should not miss. Odessa Archaeological Museum, Odessa Local History Museum, Odessa Eastern and Western Art Museum and State Literature Museum are some of the best culture centers that you should visit.
  • Food & Drink

    Odessa has a cuisine comprising delicacies from both the international and local cuisines. However, it best reflects the country cuisine.

    Khleeb (bread), Kasha (cereal), Kotleta Po-Kyivsky (Chicken Kiev), Borshch (the national soup) and Varenyky (dumplings of potato and cheese) are the popular tastes from the city’s and country’s cuisine.

    In Odessa, alcohol is pretty inexpensive and easily attainable. Especially beer, vodka and wine are amply consumed.
  • Shopping

    Odessa is one of the leading shopping locations in Ukraine. Artworks are pretty popular. The quality ceramics, paintings, jewelers and accessories are found in the city galleries and the street sellers. A great number of boutiques and shopping malls will surprise you.

    The souvenir market on Deribasovskaya street and the shopping centers around Deribasovskaya are among the best shopping locations of Odessa.
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Cultural Adventure In Odessa

One of Ukraine’s culturally most vibrant cities, Odessa is home to people of 130 different nationalities. This city, where you will encounter influences of Ottoman and Russian culture thanks to the place it occupied in the history of both, was founded by the Russian Tsarina Catherine II around the Turkish fortress of Khadzhibei (Hacıbey). Its strategic location as a southern port city led inevitably to the construction of numerous large and important fortresses in and around the city. One of the most important of them all is Akkerman Fortress 80 kilometers away.

With its 30 towers, this fortress, which covers an area of nine hectares inside a 2-kilometer perimeter, is one of the Black Sea’s most majestic. Serving both the Ottoman and the Russian Empires, it was built over a commercial center founded by the ancient Greeks in the 6th century B.C. Since the region’s history dates back to ancient Greece, you can also see here remnants of several different cultures as you tour this monumental structure. If you happen to be in Odessa on November 5 or November 18, you can also take in some modern events at the city center after paying a visit to Odessa’s historic Akkerman Fortress. On November 5, Odessa Academy Musical Comedy Theater is hosting French singer Pierre Garand, aka Garou, who is known for his role as Quasimodo in the musical, The Hunchback of Notre Dame. On the same stage on November 18, you can see a show by Todes, a group of dancers from the dance teams of stars like Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey under the leadership of Alla Duhova.

Turkish Airlines has Istanbul-Odessa-Istanbul flights seven days a week. For more information: www.turkishairlines.com

The Akkerman Fortress Project is an academic project conducted by an international team and focusing on the fortress’s Ottoman period. Previously limited in funding, it is moving forward today with the support of several institutions from Ukraine, Turkey and Europe.

You can witness colorful scenes in the city’s streets at Humorina, an annual festival of humor celebrated in Odessa on April Fool’s Day and the week following since 1972.

Ticket Sales Offices : Odessa

Address Zhukovskogo 26/28 ODESSA
Phone 00 380 482 34-79-06/07/08
Call center: 0800 501 207
Fax 00 380 482 34-79-04
E-Mail odessa@thy.com
Work Hours

Weekdays: 09:00 - 18:00 (Saturday-Sunday Closed)

TK Airport
Address 65054, Airport Centralniy, Odessa,Ukraine
Phone 00 380 482-49-01-00 64-19-80 66-60-48
Call center: 0800 501 207
Fax 00 380 482 49-00-90
E-Mail odsops@thy.com
Work Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 08:00-21:00
Wednesday: 08:00-13:00

Saturday, :08:00-12:00 Sunday:19:00-22:00

Address FF Cargo Services Ukraine LTD. Ukraine 08307 Boryspıl Airport, Cargo Termianal Office 77
Phone 00 380 44 591 7894 / 00 380 50 351 3068
00 380 50 440 4058 / 00 380 50 440 4056
E-Mail odscargo@thy.com
Work Hours  
  • Odessa : Airport Information

    Central Airport

    Address : Airport Centralniy 2. Kat, 65054, Odessa, Ukraine
    Phone : +38(0482) 49-01-00 / 39-35-35 / 39-30-35
  • Odessa : Airport Map Information

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