Frequently Asked Questions

Sıkça Sorulan Sorular

1. Who can become member of Turkish Corporate Club UK?

All Companies and organisations ,those operating in the UK and spends over £10.000 (exclusive of V.A.T) for their air travelling expenses suitable to Turkish Airlines network can become a member of Turkish Corporate Club UK.

2. How the reductions and award tickets will be decided ?

Any discounts and incentives will be finalised according to member company’s proposed total airtravel spending per annum. “Turkish Corporate Club UK” statement of earnings will be taken reference in order to calculate rate of the discounts.

3. Who is included in the discount and award ticket incentives?

The discount, extra baggage allowance and award tickets are primarily offered to company employees, but the program also includes subconstractors employees provided that they are not a member of any special loyalty programme operated by the company.

4. How the member may obtain award tickets?

In accordance of the corporate agreement, company’s total spending with THY per annum will be considered in different class such as economy, comfort and business and award ticket allocations will be made accordingly. All ticketing will be made from the UK and currency will be UK Pound Sterling.

5. What happens if the members do not meet target travel turnover?

Even though member is unable to meet the targeted travel turnover at the end of the year.They may enjoy the benefits of Turkish Corporate Club.

6. How the members could obtain tickets after becoming a member?

Firstly companies must let us know up to three IATA member travel agencies they work or will work. Then, THY discounted prices will be uploaded into these travel agencies system. After this point, travel agencies will be authorised to make bookings and issuing tickets for the companies. Members may change their travel agencies during the contract period.

7. What advantages Corporate Club Card offer?

Corporate Club Card holder with one guest travelling together, may use Business Check In and the CIP lounges regardles of his/her ticketing class.

8. What happens if passengers are Miles&Smiles member?

Employees of the member companies may use their own Miles&Smiles card and earn miles for their business trips.