Important notes for Award tickets

Ücretsiz Biletlere İlişkin Notlarımız

The members of the Miles&Smiles Program can use the award tickets they have entitled for outbound and return flights with confirmed reservations by Turkish Airlines or with any of the partner airlines. You can use your award tickets either for yourself or for your family, your relatives or your beloved ones. For vacation, for exploring new cities, new countries, for meeting those you love...

There are two types of award tickets which can be used on Turkish Airlines flights:

1) "Capacity Controlled Award Tickets"
2) "Seat Guaranteed Award Tickets".

There is a limited seat capacity for "capacity controlled award tickets" and the reservation can only be made in case the respective class is available. The reservation classes are X (for Economy Class), Z (for Comfort Class) and I ( for Business Class) for the "capacity controlled award tickets. The required miles for "capacity controlled award tickets" are less than the required miles for "Seat Guaranteed Award Tickets".

There is no seat limitation for "Seat Guaranteed Award Tickets", as long as the flight is open to revenue sales. For seat guaranteed award tickets, required mileage amounts will be considered depending on the travel dates either high or low season.

The reservation classes are X (for Economy Class), Z (for Comfort Class) and I (for Business Class) for the seat guaranteed award ticket and capacity controlled award tickets.

Keeping the following points in mind, you can book your award ticket at any Turkish Airlines sales office, reservation center , your travel agent or through our website. You can make the reservation of your award ticket in the award class, by providing your membership number.

Award tickets can be picked up from any Turkish Airlines Sales Office upon presentation of a valid identification card and Miles&Smiles card or a statement. You also need to deliver a copy of your ID and your Miles&Smiles card together with your signed request to the Turkish Airlines Sales Office

Award tickets may be subject to certain additional expenses (airport taxes, duties, etc). Do not forget to quote your credit card information when making reservations, in order to have these expenses drawn from your credit card account. Other payment methods besides cash and credit card such as MCO and vouchers are not accepted. The number of miles required for award tickets is automatically deducted from your mileage account. You can check your remaining miles in your mileage summary.

Award tickets must be issued within the normal ticketing time limit after the reservation is confirmed. The reservation for the award tickets that are not issued will be cancelled. Award tickets can be picked up from any Turkish Airlines sales office upon presentation of a valid identification card. Please bear in mind: award tickets cannot be issued by travel agents.

Important notes for award tickets:

The number of miles required to qualify for award tickets is same for adults and children.

Validity of award tickets expires at the end of one year after the date of issue. Additionally, these tickets cannot be transferred, changed and/or their validity cannot be extended or combined with any other means of payment.

The necessary amount of mileage must be present in a member's account in order to receive an award ticket.

Miles&Smiles Program Miles may not be transferred to other persons or members or may not be pooled with those of other members to obtain a single award.

While using a award ticket, Miles&Smiles Program members cannot collect further miles on flights with award tickets.

Turkish Airlines reserves the right to make changes in award tables.

For award tickets to different destinations in various zones, the amount of miles required for the higher mileage value zone is deducted from the member's mileage account.

Award tickets cannot be issued open.

Award tickets can be used on Turkish Airlines’, Anadolu Jet and Star Alliance member airlines’s scheduled flights only.

Miles&Smiles award ticketing must be done in accordance with normal ticketing time limits.

award ticket reservation should be booked and confirmed in the award class. Award tickets cannot be issued in cases where the reservation is not confirmed.

To have the award ticket issued, the reservation should be made in award ticket class, and should then be confirmed by Turkish Airlines.

Award tickets cannot be upgraded.

Award tickets may be issued up to a maximum of 8 flight segments.

The same airport may not appear more than once in either the outbound or the inbound portion of the itinerary. Open jaw is permitted only once.

Stopover Regulation: 

On Turkish Airlines:
One stopover is permitted where award tickets are used for flights on Turkish Airlines.

On Star Alliance Member Airlines:
Our Members Are Allowed to Have One Stopover for Awards with Values from Min.60.000 Miles for Economy Class, From Min. 90.000 Miles for Business Class and from Min.135.000 Miles for First Class excluding the awards on US Airways.

The stopover rule valid for the award tickets on US Airways flights as below:

  • Stopover is permitted on the international flights operated by US Airways flights.
  • Stopovers are not permitted when travel is within one award region or the itinerary includes an open jaw.
  • One (1) en route stopover is permitted at US Airways hub cities (Philadelphia, Denver, Charlotte, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Las Vegas).
  • Stopovers are allowed only for the most direct route of travel.
  • Stopovers must be reflected in the reservation at time of ticketing. Stopovers are not allowed once an award has been ticketed or travel has commenced.
BLACKOUT PERIODS: Award tickets may not be available during certain periods of the year, and the seat availability is limited on flights operated by our partner airlines.

Reimbursement of miles for wholly unused award tickets is subject to a handling fee.

Date and time changes and re-routing (can be applied only on Turkish Airlines flights provided that the reservation is made for the same award zone and the same award class) are allowed against an additional fee.
Re-routing is not permitted for the award tickets issued on other Star Alliance member airlines flights.

In case of loss of a award ticket, you need to apply to any Turkish Airlines Sales Offices. A fee of EUR 12 for domestic award tickets and EUR 42 for international award tickets is charged for re-issuing the lost ticket. In case of loss of the flight coupon, the fee of EUR 42 is not charged, since the cover of the ticket is exist where the flight details are stated. If you proceed to the sales offices in the United States for your lost award ticket, a fee of 100 USD is applied.

Miles&Smiles members are able to use award tickets for family, relatives or any other designated persons by contacting Turkish Airlines Sales Offices located outside of their residence area by spending miles from their account in accordance with the following procedures:

Miles&Smiles members should have a signed written request that includes:

Name, surname, birth date and relationship degree of the person whom the member wishes the award to be used for.
Travel route (departure and arrival points)
Travel dates
All taxes and charges should be paid at the sales office where the ticket is issued.

The member’s written request with the above information must be faxed to sales office that will issue the ticket.

Prior to ticket issuance, an identification check must be done for the person to whom the ticket will be handed over (driver’s licence, ID, passport)

PTA (Prepaid Ticket Advice) can be applied on award tickets with the additional fee. All taxes , other charges and PTA fee are charged by the Turkish Airlines Sales Office that will send the PTA message. After the PTA message has been sent, the reservation is considered as the ticket’s been issued. Therefore any reservation changes after the PTA message are subject to an additional fee. Mileage redeposit can also be made after the PTA against an additional fee however the PTA fee cannot be refunded.