One Way Award Ticket

Terms and Conditions
1) The mileage amount required for one way award ticket is %50 of round trip award ticket.
2) One way award tickets may be issued up to a maximum of 4 flight segments.
3) Stopover is not permitted for one way award tickets.Tranfer between each departure and arrival point must be completed in 24 hours.In case of exceeding 24 hours one way award ticket is not permitted.
4) For one way award tickets each segments arrival point and next segments departure point must be the same.
5) Departure and arrival point may not be the same city for the domestic flights and may not be the same country for the international flights.
6) If a member requests a first/business/economy class combined one way award ticket mixed class combination is permitted on condition that the amount of miles required for the higher class will be deducted from member’s account. This regulation is only valid for flights where the requested cabin class is not applied class combination is not permitted if there is not any available seat on the related flight although the requested cabin class is applied.
7) In codeshare flights one way award ticket can not be issued if Turkish Airlines is not the operating airline.
8) One way companion award ticket is not applied.
9) One way award ticket coupons will be used in order unused coupons will be cancelled by the reservation system automatically.
10) Re-rouiıng is permitted only if the reservation is made in the same award zone, season and class. Re-routing is subject to handling fee.
11) Mileage refund and reservation change fees are the same with in the Miles&Smiles award ticket applications.
12) Reservation changes like date and time are permitted within the validity of the ticket.Changes are subject to handling fee.
13) In case of a loss of domestic and International one way award ticket, lost ticket procedure in award tickets shall be applied.
14) One way award tickets can also be issued for AnadoluJet flights and these tickets can also be combined with Turkish Airlines flights.
15) For only AnadoluJet flights tickets can be issued from the web site For Turkish Airlines and AnadoluJet combined flights, tickets can be issued from .
16) One way award tickets issued for AnadoluJet flights are in the same conditions with the one way award tickets issued for Turkish Airlines flights.
17) One way award tickets are not applicable for other Star Alliance flights. One way award tickets will not be combined with other Star Alliance member Airlines award tickets.
18) Mileage refund is not allowed if any coupon of the one way award ticket is used.
19) Other conditions applied in Miles&Smiles award tickets are also applicable for one way award tickets.
20) Tickets issued from our web site and call center are under the same conditions mentioned above. Therefore one way award ticket can only be issued from our web site if the member is also travelling. This application is allowed for a maximum of 5 passengers including the member.