Electronic Ticket

1. What is e-ticket?

All ticket information is stored electronically in the computer system and an itinerary receipt is given to you at the time of ticketing containing all ticket data. Reservation and payment procedures are all the same as in paper ticket. You can complete your check-in at airport check-in counters by showing your identification card with photo. (Personel identification card, driving licence, passport or marriage certificate)

2. How do I know that the ticket is issued correctly without having a paper ticket?

"Itinerary Receipt", which is given to you at the time of ticketing, is a travel document which confirms all ticket data for both reservation and flight, so you do not need an extra paper ticket for confirmation.

3. What is the benefit of using an e-ticket instead of a paper ticket?

E-ticket has several benefits. An e-ticket can not be lost, forgotten or stolen and enables all ticket procedures to be faster, more practical and safer from reservation to boarding.

4. What kind of ID must be presented at the check-in counter?

Identification Card with photo, driving licence, marriage certifiate or passport may be presented at check-in.

5. Is the function of an e-ticket the same as the function of TOD (Ticket on Departure)?

No, e-ticket is different from TOD. Once your e-ticket data is stored in the system, you can go directly to check-in counters. However in case of TOD, first you must purchase your ticket at ticket sales counter and then you can start your check-in issues.

6. If the computers are down at the airport, can I travel using my e-ticket?

You will receive your "boarding pass" even if the computers are down at the airport. All flight data will be entered manually and your boarding pass will be issued as usual.

7. Is there any special application for the refund of an e-ticket?

Refund rules of e-tickets are the same as paper tickets. Refund application of an e-ticket is easier than the paper ticket. If the paper ticket is lost for which the refund is requested, firstly lost ticket procedure has to be completed for the refund. Refund application for e-ticket is easier because all ticket data is stored in the system and refund will be completed without waiting for "lost ticket" procedure.

8. Which Turkish Airlines’ routes are eligible for e-ticket?

All our domestic and international flights are eligible for e-ticketing.

9. How can I purchase e-ticket via internet??

Provided that you pay your ticket via our web site or mobile applications by credit card, debit card, EFT-Money order, Online banking, BKM Express, iDEAL or SOFORT, e-ticket document will be sent to you via e-mail.

10. How can I purchase an electronic ticket from Call Center?

If it is eligible flight for the electronic ticket, you can purchase your ticket by using your credit card by our call center (444 0 849). You will be informed either by sms or email about your electronic ticket.

11. How can I get a receipt of my electronic ticket?

Please contact the nearest THY Sales Office to get your e-ticket document containing your electronic ticket information, which serves as a receipt.

12. What are the check-in rules for the electronic ticket?

All passengers should apply together to check in desk. Personal applications will not be accepted. Please prepare your valid ID card (passport, ID card, Drivers license) and your credit card used for payment.