The whole family is smiling

The whole family is smiling.

Now Miles&Smiles Classic Plus and Elite members can start using miles earned by their family members.
Your “Family Miles” are collected and stored under your individual account.

Family membership will allow you to collect and spend miles to/from one single account which enables you to achieve more program awards.
Family membership consists of your spouse and single children under the age of 25. As an Classic Plus/Elite or Elite Plus card holder, you can pool their miles with those of yours in your own account under “family miles”. Please keep in mind that your family members’ miles collected on Turkish Airlies’ flights and also Star Alliance member Airline flights and all miles collected from our partners will be credited to your account. Each family member will have his/her own account. Any activities family members participate in will be credited as bonus miles in actual owner of the family membership account and family members flight activities will be credited to their own accounts as status miles for upgrading to a higher membership level.

In case you request a family membership as an Classic Plus, Elite or Elite Plus Card holder, simply send your signed request together with the ID copies of your family members (inc. your marriage certificate) to the below address. Simply fax us to +902124652363 or e-mail us or send your signed request .If your family members already have their Miles&Smiles accounts, please note their membership numbers and include the photocopies of Miles&Smiles membership cards. If they are not, their Miles&Smiles application forms must be included. Family membership will be valid after the request of member is proceed.

As the actual owner of the family membership; Classic Plus, Elite or Elite Plus members may transfer their family members miles which are not used before to their accounts as Bonus Miles.

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Important Note: Please keep in mind that your family members’ miles will be credited to your account (master account)as “Bonus Miles”.

Your family members will have the rights of their own membership card status. Only the actual owner of the family membership; Classic Plus/Elite/Elite Plus card holder will be responsible for the usage of the awards entitled. The children who reach the age of 25 will be released from the family membership and they will continue to collect miles to their own account. In this case, the family member’s miles already collected to the master account will not be transfered to the other account.

17.03.2013 Updated