Occupational Health and Safety with Environment Policy

Turkish Airlines hereby declares its Occupational Health and Safety/Environment Policy to bring its employees, customers, sub-contractors, investors, and all its partners and shareholders together to meet a common goal for its future. This common goal will be met in accordance with national and international legislation and standards as well as the principles of commercial ethics along with the corporate mission and values on passenger carriage, cargo transportation, and on its training activities with a focus on total quality.

Abiding by the Rules                                             

Complying with international aviation standards along with national, legal and other regulations on occupational health and safety and environmental issues.

Considering People and the Environment while Continuing to Grow

The technology and methods that have the least possible adverse effects on the environment are used while investments are planned, the fleet has been expanded and the technological infrastructure level has been raised. While considering the health and safety of the personnel, equipment and organizations with least level of risk are preferred.

Reducing Harm and Discomfort to the Lowest Level Possible

Taking precautions to reduce carbon emissions and the noise pollution from its fleet to the lowest level possible. Commits to human health at the highest level in all operations carried out.

Developing along with Our Partners

Giving priority to increasing the occupational health and safety of its employees and partners along with a consciousness and awareness of environmental issues.

Personnel Participation

Provides participation of shareholders and all the levels of the corporation for the improvement of environment, occupational health and safety performance. Supports the improvement of occupational health and safety culture by enlightening the personnel about occupational health and safety.

Managing Risks

Identifying all risk concerning occupational health and safety and the environment arising from its activities. Actions are planned to eliminate these risks before they cause occupational accidents, illness and environmental pollution. Provides continuity of monitoring work environment and preventive medicine. Establishes necessary infrastructure for a healthy and secure work environment to personnel, subcontractors and guests.

Ensures that personnel taking part in critical functions are physically and medically ready to undertake their respective tasks. 

Turkish Airlines carries out the procedures below in order to make no compromises regarding operational security and safety and to minimize the operational risks, with the awareness of human factor in the civil aviation industry:

  • First of all, alcohol and psychoactive substance addictions are taken into account as a criterion when it comes to human resource employment for tasks involving critical functions. People who are confirmed to be alcohol and/or psychoactive substance addicts are not employed.
  • Turkish Airlines randomly checks whether employees carrying out tasks involving critical functions are under the influence of alcohol and/or psychoactive substances before they start their duty and during duty.
  • Employees who are confirmed to be under the influence of alcohol and/or psychoactive substances are not allowed to be involved in operations. The regulations of national and international civil aviation authorities are complied with to the letter.
  • Turkish Airlines supports employees who admit to be alcohol and/or psychoactive substance addicts with their treatments, on the condition that they did not violate any rules.

Bequeathing a Sustainable World for Future Generations

Natural resources are used with consideration not only for today, but for the next generation without whom a future would not be possible.

Recovering Waste

Minimizing waste by giving priority and support to the use and recovery of recyclable materials within the waste management process.

Sustainable Improvement

Our performance in terms of occupational health and safety and the environment is observed, evaluated and continuously improved.           

Temel KOTİL, PhD
CEO and President