Silk Road films pass through Bursa

The International Bursa Silk Road Film Festival, being mounted this year for the first time by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, is bringing select examples from world and Turkish cinema 13-17 December.

Venues for the festival are Tayyare Culture Center, Bursa City Museum, Mudanya Uğur Mumcu Culture Center, the historic village of Cumalıkızık, and Uludağ. The festival program, which consists of the latest films from Serbia, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Georgia, Hungary, Japan and Turkey—all countries that were on the Silk Road—includes as well the legendary Turkish film, ‘Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalım’, on the occasion of its 30th anniversary. The festival’s ‘10 Women 10 Views’, in which documentaries by women filmmakers will be shown, will also include a panel discussion on ‘Women and Cinema’. In addition to the films, documentary film workshops, free-of-charge cinema courses and archive exhibitions accompany the festival.
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