Tango Pasion at Maslak

Following productions at Moscow’s Kremlin Palace, Rome’s Sistina, and Berlin’s Deutsches Oper, the Argentine dance musical ‘Tango Pasion’ will be in Istanbul 20-24 December.

The two-hour performance, to be given at the Tim Maslak Show Center, is being presented to the accompaniment of the Sexteto Mayor, acknowledged to be the best tango orchestra in the world. The orchestra, whose members include singers, dancers and instrumentalists, has been playing together for thirty years and mesmerizes audiences with its harmonies. Created by director and producer Mel Howard, Tango Pasion brings together the world’s top tango dancers. The colorful costumes, and choreography by Hector Zaraspe are the big drawing points of this show, which has played to closed out box offices in many countries up to now to audiences topping 500,000 people.
Tel: (0212) 286 66 86