Art fair in Ankara

Artforum Ankara’s 2nd Plastic Arts Fair, organized by Forum Fuarcılık, is taking place 18-26 November at the Atatürk Culture Center. Participating in the fair, which includes fifty galleries and over 150 artists, are such painters as Nuri Iyem, Adnan Turani, Mustafa Ayaz, Ferruh Başağa, Devrim Erbil and Ertuğrul Ateş from Turkey as well as world-renowned artists from Japan, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Kyrgyzstan and Libya. Besides the ‘Honorary Artist Award’ and ‘Honorary Institution Award’ and the awards to be given in a competition aimed at young artists, the fair will also include activities such as talks, panel discussions and lectures as well as films, recorded music, and live performances.
Tel: (0312) 419 19 32