Blues Festival tours Turkey

Turkey’s own Efes Pilsen Blues Festival is welcoming blues lovers this year for the 17th time. With organization by Pozitif, the festival is hosting Buckwheat Zydeco, an accordion master who also gives his name to one of the most dynamic teams of all time, Larry Garner & Band and their amazing stage performances, and modern blues favorite Michael Powers. With 22 concerts in 19 different cities throughout Turkey and Cyprus between 9 November and 20 December, the festival kicks off in Samsun before traveling to Trabzon, Erzurum, Diyarbakır, Kayseri, Konya, Ankara, Eskişehir, Bursa, Istanbul, Edirne, Çanakkale, Izmir, Denizli, Antalya, Gaziantep, Mersin and Adana. The Russian program of this year’s festival, which once again will exceed national boundaries, includes cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novossibirsk and Rostov-on-Don, as well as Belgrade in Serbia and Almaty in Kazakhstan.