Following Atatürk’s lead... the ‘floating fair’

The ‘floating fair’ is a project originally conceived and implemented by Atatürk in the early years of the Republic for the purpose of developing Turkish industry and promoting Turkish products around the world.

It set sail in June of 1926 with 180 passengers and a crew of 105 on a voyage that lasted 86 days. Visiting 16 ports in 12 European countries, it promoted a limited number of Turkish-made goods. Successfully realized 81 years ago, the ‘floating fair’ project is being revived in 2007 under the name Bluexpo. A ship with close to 2000 square meters of enclosed space and a 1000-square meter open exhibition area, the Samsun will cruise the Black Sea coast 2-18 June 2007. Based on the tourism potential of the designated port cities and the position of the Turkish Tourism Industry, the first fair is being organized in the Hotel and Restaurant Equipment sector. Bluexpo 2007 Fair, which is being realized by ADG Fuarcılık, will open its doors in Istanbul on 2 June with a flourish. The fair itinerary includes: Varna / Bulgaria 4-5 June, Constance / Rumania 6-7 June, Odessa - Ukraine 8-9 June, Yalta / Ukraine 10-11 June, Sochi / Russia 12-13 June, and Batum / Georgia 14-15 June. Bluexpo will promote not only Turkish products but Turkish culture as well. The ‘Anatolian Fire’ dance show, for example, is among the cultural activities to be staged in every port. For details, please visit the website