Spring at garajistanbul

The stage at garajistanbul, Istanbul’s new contemporary arts and show center is going to come alive with dance in April.

As its name indicates, the dance show ‘The Human Condition’, staged by Hareket Dance Studio, focuses on the different states of being human, such as suffering, smiling, joking around, even running amok. Director of the show, which will take place on 2-3 April, is the studio’s founder, Zeynep Günsür. On 18 April, Sema, Turkey’s ‘woman with a vinyl record voice’, takes the lead role in a fun performance inspired by the phrase “No comments from the peanut gallery!” which entered our lives in the early 1900’s from the taverns, music halls and concerts of the past. To be followed on 23-24 April and 30 April-1 May by a dance performance, ‘Paper Ship’, given by Noland, a group founded by Esra Yurttut, Emre Nişancı and Burak Kolcu, with choreography by Esra Yurttut.
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