A whiff of China in Istanbul

Winner of 18 gold medals, the Chinese National Acrobatic Company, which defies gravity and turns the laws of physics upside down, is performing at the TİM-Türker İnanoğlu Maslak Showcenter as part of their world tour.

With a history going back 3000 years, Chinese acrobatics are regarded as ‘the pearl of the Far Eastern arts’. The ‘China Soul’ show, which is based on this culture, combines acrobatics with opera, dance and the martial arts. The brilliant costumes, original stage design, and extremely advanced sound and light compositions will bring spectators a panorama of the art forms characteristic of the various dynasties in Chinese history. This magnificent show, which is being brought to Turkey with the backing of the office of the Chinese Cultural Attaché, runs from 1 through 7 February.
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