Respect for Fikret Mualla

It’s been forty years since painter Fikret Mualla departed from our midst.

In an effort to keep the memory of this artist alive, Jaqueline Quillere Üstünel has put together a series of exhibitions entitled ‘Respect for Fikret Mualla’ which will continue throughout the year. Forty artists, 20 Turkish, 20 foreign, have each produced a work inspired by Mualla’s paintings. These canvasses will be shown together with those of Mualla’s that inspired them. In the first phase of the festival the works will be exhibited at the Champs-Elysées Show Center in Paris 3-27 January. Successive venues include Istanbul’s Atatürk Culture Center, the Çankaya Art Center in Ankara, Hadosan in Ürgüp (Cappadocia), Izmir’s Atatürk Culture Center, and Bursa. The festival will culminate with a second exhibition in Istanbul at Art Istanbul 2007.
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