The story of human communications

Following two archaeological exhibitions, Yapı Kredi Vedat Nedim Tör Museum is hosting an exhibition entitled ‘“My Beloved Daughter Hâmide” - The Story of Communications Past to Future’, which takes up both the technological and the emotional aspects of communication among humans.

Owing to the breadth of the subject, the exhibition considers the history of human communications in several dimensions. In the technological dimension, such means of communication as smoke, sound, fire towers, primitive telegraph codes and the field post are treated alongside the wireless, telegram, telephone and telex as part of political and sociological developments following the Industrial Revolution. Letters, which facilitated communication following the invention of writing, are accorded separate treatment. Included in the exhibition are approximately 400 items from Yapı Kredi’s own collection and the collections of the PTT Museum of the General Directorate of Post, Telephone and Telegraph and the Vehbi Koç Foundation’s Sadberk Hanım Museum, as well as from the private collections of Mehmet Günyeli, Haluk Perk and Kemal Suman. Curated by Şennur Şentürk, the exhibition was designed by Sadık and Ayşe Karamustafa with Mustafa Kaçar and Selim Eyüboğlu as consultants.
Through 25 March.
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