See Tekirdağ from the air!

Turkey has acquired a new paragliding site.

The site, which was created at Uçmakdere following initiatives coordinated by the Office of the Governor of Tekirdağ Province, has the distinction of being the only runway at the seashore in the Marmara region. Pilots launch from the 600-meter hill at Yeniköy and land at Ayvasıl in Uçmakdere. One of the outstanding features of the takeoff hill is that it allows takeoffs in northeasterly, easterly, southeasterly and southwesterly winds. Paragliders may stay aloft anywhere from
10 minutes to two hours.
The new site has already earned the admiration of paragliding enthusiasts from Tekirdağ and neighboring provinces who came for Hıdrellez Culture Day and the 1st Uçmakdere Paragliding Festival on 6 May. The festival was enhanced by folk dancing displays, paraglider launches, demonstrations by the Sailing Club and the participation of local artists.