E-Consulate, 24/7

The Turkish Foreign Ministry continues to implement projects aimed at improving its services to Turks living abroad and foreigners interested in Turkey.

One of the most important of these projects is e-Consulate. For details, visit the website at www.e-konsolosluk.net.

The primary aim of the service is to provide an internet portal where visitors to Turkey can access information on a number of important and topical issues. These web pages, which are available in English, French, German and Spanish as well as Turkish and have been designed in such a way that new information can be entered, include information on Turkish societies abroad, Turkish workplaces and festivals held outside the country, as well as information regarding customs, the law, consular issues and the economy, which are of interest to citizens of Turkey.

But the second, and even more important, aim of e-Consulate is that it is an interactive module that enables you to complete certain procedures on line, for example, paying fees by credit card, without having to visit the consulate in person. E-Consulate is therefore important as well in terms of e-State procedures in Turkey. In order to access e-Consulate on line, you first need to become a member. Members will be sent over the internet a personal code number that will allow them to complete all the procedures permitted by Turkish law on line over a secure internet connection. These include birth and ID registrations, passport renewals and extensions, visa applications, all procedures pertaining to citizenship and a host of others. You may access a list of the fees to be paid for each of these services on the e-Consulate web pages.