Izmir is candidate for EXPO 2015

One of the Aegean’s most attractive areas of habitation for millennia and home to countless civilizations, cultures and unmatched architectural wonders, Izmir is now a candidate for hosting the world’s biggest exhibition, EXPO, in 2015. Its rival in the selection, which will be made in March 2008, is Milan.

EXPO, which runs for six months, is known as the world’s largest meeting place for culture, science, history and education. But perhaps its most outstanding characteristic is that it is not only products that are promoted to visitors through a variety of presentations but projects oriented towards ideas, scientific and technological advances, national cultures and the future of the world as it relates to the exhibition’s themes. 

Previous years EXPO’s were concentrated in Western Europe, North America and the Far East. Izmir is a candidate for the first EXPO to be held not only in Turkey but in all the neighboring countries.

‘New Ways for a Better World and Health for Everyone’ is the theme, reflecting the common problems, expectations and searches for solutions of all countries in the world regardless of their level of development. EXPO promises to contribute to these efforts in harmony with the United Nations Millennia Development Targets which are expected to be met in 2015. With its legacy of the Asklepion, the first medical center of antiquity founded in the name of the health god Asklepios in the 4th century B.C., its Agamemnon thermal baths, and Galen, one of the most important physicians of ancient times and the father of pharmacology, Izmir has been the at the heart of the science of medicine from then right up to today. What’s more, based on the theme of health for the first time in its history, EXPO is going to enable Izmir to sustain its historic mission. Mobilized for EXPO 2015, where some 40 million visitors are expected, Izmir is working to bring this giant event to Turkey somehow or other and looking forward to the selection in 2008.