‘Kaleiçi Satılık’

Timurtaş Onan is going to be at the Artower Clio Gallery with his exhibition, ‘Beyoğlu Nights', as part of ‘International Athens Photography Month'.

The artist is presenting art lovers with 40 works from his collection in this exhibition, which opens on 3 October. Onan is also taking his show, ‘Kaleiçi Satılık', to Germany 3-21 October as part of this year’s 14th Athens Photography Month, which is based on the theme ‘Between Memories and the Future'. The project, which will be shown in Nürnberg for the tenth anniversary of the ‘İn-San’ Antalya Nürnberg Sister City Association, consists of photographs the artist took in Antalya between 1990 and 2000.