METU art festival to get under way

Middle East Technical University’s 9th Art Festival is starting this year on 18 October.

Everything from exhibitions and interviews to concerts and musicals is included in the festival, which runs through 18 November at the METU Culture and Congress Center: an interview with Prof. Pierfranco Buruni on ‘The Mediterranean: Literature and Journey’ on 3 October; a theatrical performance called ‘Ben Anadolu’ on 22 October, and a concert by famous saxophone master Jan Garbarek on 3 November. Other festival events include the Turkish State Opera and Ballet performing the musical, ‘Kırmızı Ev’ 9- 30 November, a photography exhibit called ‘Project ZZZ', and a concert by the METU Symphony Orchestra conducted by Umut Asil on 11 November. Tel: (0312) 210 38 01