Biennale time in Istanbul

The heart of the art world is going to beat this year in Istanbul. Sponsored by Koç Holding, the 10th International Istanbul Biennale is preparing an unparalleled feast for art lovers between 8 September and 4 November.

Curator of the Biennale, which is being mounted by the Istanbul Foundation for Art and Culture, is Hou Hanru, Art Critic and Chair of Exhibition Studies and Museology at San Francisco Art Institute. Ataturk Culture Center, the Istanbul Dry Goods Dealers Market (IMÇ), Antrepo No. 3, santralistanbul and the Kadıköy People’s Education Center are hosting the Biennale, which is based on the slogan, ‘Not Impossible, Necessary Even’. Curator Hanru, who has designated a theme appropriate to the character and function of each venue, has assigned projects on politics to Ataturk Culture Center, projects on the economy to the IMÇ and projects on social life to Antrepo No. 3. While space is being given to 13 projects at Ataturk Culture Center in a study titled ‘Should it be burned or not?’, the processes of production will be taken up in 27 projects to be presented in a study titled “World Factory’ at the IMÇ. Antrepo No. 3 meanwhile will present the exhibition ‘Entre Police’, including works by over 40 artists and groups on the themes of migration and communications, and the exhibition ‘Dream House’, designed by architect Yung Ho Chang and the architectural bureau Atelier FCJZ. A series of video presentations in the streets is also planned for the duration. The project, ‘Nightwalkers’,  will be available free of charge for 25 evenings in 25 venues. The 10th International Istanbul  Biennale, which will run for 8 weeks, is offering students the chance to attend the artistic events free of charge. Students who present their student ID card at the entrance will not be charged, and special educational programs will be held for children age 6-14. Other projects in the Biennale include Xu Zhen’s ‘8.848-1.86’; Cao Fei’s ‘RMB City’ and ‘Whose Utopia?’, Lee Bul’s ‘Mon grand récit: Weep into Stones…’, Yang Jiechang’s ‘I believe in Angels’, Sam Samore’s ‘Magic Bed’, and Julien Prévieux’s ‘Letters de Non-motivation’. Priced at TL 10, Biennale tickets are available at the Istanbul Art and Culture Foundation, AKM, Antrepo No. 3 and from biletix. For unlimited Biennale pleasure, get a ‘10B Special’ ticket for TL 50.