A synthesis of “Kemence” and Jazz

A virtuoso of the classical 'kemençe', a small fiddle used in Turkish Black Sea music, Ahmet Kadri Rizeli over the years has engaged in a number of experiments on the instrument.

With his group, the 'Modal Jazz Trio', made up of Nail Yavuzoğlu, Nezih Yeşilnil and Cem Aksel, Rizeli has produced a synthesis of kemençe and jazz music in a new album, 'Jazz Alla Turca'. On the album, Rizeli combines the melodies and rhythms of jazz with the melodies, rhythms and improvisatory nature of Turkish music. With Nail Yavuzoğlu on piano, Nezih Yesilgil on contrabass, and Cem Aksel on drums, the album includes a total of ten works - a joint composition by George Gershwin and DuBose Hayward, a work by Henry Mancini, five works by Nail Yavuzoğlu and three anonymous compositions.