!f Istanbul time!

Celebrating its seventh anniversary this year, the !f Istanbul AFM International Independent Film Festival is taking place 14-24 February.

Venues for the festival, whose primary sponsor is Yapı Kredi World, include the Beyoğlu AFM Fitaş, AFM İstinye Park, and Caddebostan AFM Budak movie theaters. The '!f Ankara’ films will be shown 28 February-2 March at AFM Cepa. The Hall will host an extensive series of interviews, meetings and parties. Bringing viewers a total of 60 films, the festival will also include an international competition, '!f Inspired'. Judges for the competition, in which ten films from around the world will compete, will select the ‘Best Film’ based on the criteria of ‘boldness of narrative in cinema, and innovation in style and technique'. Some of the categories and films that will be shown in '!f Istanbul 2008', which will offer film-goers a feast par exemplar, include: Hit Films: ‘You’, ‘the Living’, and ‘Lars and the Real Girl’, ‘Gökkuşağı’, and ‘Itty Bitty Titty Committee’;  Fantasy Films: ‘Vexille’; and Political Films: ‘Taxi to the Dark Side’, ‘Art of Living’, ‘How to Cook Your Life’, ‘Mexican Wave’, ‘La Zona’, ‘Music’, and ‘Joy Division’... www.ifistanbul.com