Documentary photographer Altan Bal’s photographic exhibition, ‘Truckers’, which, following Istanbul, is to be mounted in various other cities including Kars and Antakya, has appeared as a book of the same title from İFSAK Yayınları.

Taking a story told by his father, Fethi Bal, as its point of departure, the photographer has brought together in this book his black-and-white photographs on the theme ‘Truckers', who transport their loads through seven climes and seven regions with nothing to lose but those who depend on them. Bal, who as a boy hung on the tales of his trucker father, never certain when he was coming back, has traveled all over Turkey numerous times on a journey he embarked on three years ago, mostly through chance encounters and rides hitched with truck drivers. The book of 100 photographs is available from İFSAK.
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