Math competition

Held this year for the sixth time, the Oyak Mathematics Competition took place in October.

The Inter-Lycée Mathematics Competition, organized by the Oyak Cement Group of Companies, was held this year in seventeen provinces of Turkey with the participation of other Oyak firms, including Adana Çimento, Bolu Çimento, Ünye Çimento, Mardin Çimento, Oyak Beton, Renault MAIS, Erdemir, İsdemir, Ermaden, Erbor, Hektaş and Tukaş. A total of 427 schools and 1708 students entered the first elimination of the Oyak-hosted competition. Finalists were selected in each of the seventeen provinces in this competition which is aimed at inculcating in students a love of mathematics and motivating them to win. The top teams and their families will be Oyak Cement’s guests in Istanbul 4-8 April. Finalists taking part in the final elimination on 5 April will have an opportunity to tour Istanbul’s historic and cultural landmarks.
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