A virtual museum of maritime history

Field studies have been completed for the first stage of the Turkey Underwater Cultural Heritage Virtual Museum Project, which is being realized by the Başkent University Art and Culture Research Center (BÜKSAM) and the Underwater Research Association (SAD).

Part of the TÜBİTAK Scientific and Technological Research Projects Support Program, the project aims to contribute to Turkey’s underwater culture and heritage through an exchange of information on underwater archaeology and maritime history. The countdown to the founding of the museum has now begun following field studies that have been underway since the initial dive at Kaş-Uluburun on 30 July. Finds uncovered in the dives carried out to date are being added to the database. An interactive website has been created for those who wish to contribute to Turkey’s Underwater Cultural Heritage. Members may enter items they themselves have found.
For details, www.sad.org.tr