Festival Meandros

The countdown has begun to an unforgettable meeting of history and contemporary art at Meandros, home to the leading ancient cities of the world cultural heritage such as Miletus, Priene, Didyma, Herakleia, Myus and Magnesia on the Meander.

Festival Meandros, to be held between 27 June and 27 July, aims to pay respect to the art of the past while adding new excitement and urgency to the art of our day. Artists from several countries are going to carve stone sculptures in view of the Temple of Apollo for a month at Yoran, Didyma's most ancient area of settlement. Dance shows and classical music concerts will take place as well at the Temple of Apollo and in the ancient theater at Miletus, where the first seeds of philosophy and science were sewn. The Temple will also host a concert by the Bodrum Chamber Orchestra.    www.meandros.info