The Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation Pera Museum is hosting the ‘College - Décollage’ exhibition of Burhan Doğançay and Jacques Villeglé, two acknowledged international masters, through 13 July.

Curated by Philippe Piguet, the exhibition consists of works that could be regarded as a modern interpretation of the wall painting tradition going back to the earliest periods of human history, setting the stage for an encounter not only between the two artists but between the arts of Collage and Décollage as well. Born in the late 1920’s and active in the international art scene since the 1960’s, Burhan Doğançay and his collages and Jacques Villeglé and his décollages are being confronted here for the first time. This juxtaposition in the same exhibition of two of the leading artists of their generation is aimed at revealing not only the similarities but also the differences between them.