EXPO 2015 Izmir for a better world!

World expositions, EXPO’s for short, can be characterized as the world’s culture, history and education Olympics, and their aim as such is to promote their countries’ cultural, historical and national riches.

Support for the EXPO 2015 Izmir project, for which Turkey is a major candidate, has not only been endorsed as government policy but is also widespread among the Turkish people. The theme of EXPO 2015 Izmir has been defined as ‘New Routes to a Better World and Health for All'. Izmir’s identity as a health center since antiquity further enhances the significance of its chosen theme. Not only that, no previous EXPO has taken up the subject of health, which also coincides with the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals. Topics encompassed by the health theme, such as the elimination of abject poverty and hunger, mother-child health, the battle against HIV-AIDS and epidemic disease, and sustainability of the environment and natural resources, will be brought to the top of the world agenda for the duration of EXPO 2015 Izmir.
Setting a record in EXPO history, the EXPO 2015 Izmir 2nd International Symposium held 13-16 February 2008 was realized with the participation of 222 guests from 107 countries. The fourth and final presentation will take place on 31 March 2008 prior to a vote in the BIE General Assembly to decide which city will host EXPO 2015. Some 80 countries have been visited to date within the framework of a series of promotional tours abroad to solicit support for Izmir’s candidacy, and these visits will continue apace up to the end of March.
Izmir possesses all the advantages for hosting EXPO 2015 in the best possible way. Located at once in the heart of the city and on the Aegean shore, the 370-hectare İnciraltı EXPO site designated for EXPO 2015 Izmir is rather more impressive than Milan’s designated 170-hectare area.
As it becomes a world trademark in health through EXPO, Izmir is also going to achieve its goal of becoming a world city while the Northern Mediterranean and Aegean Region will develop economically. An event of this magnitude in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean will be realized for the first time thanks to an EXPO held at Izmir, which is only a few hours by air from the Caucasus, the Middle East, the Balkans and most of Europe. Not only will a population of approximately one million have the opportunity to visit an EXPO, it will be the first time a country with a predominantly Muslim population plays host to an EXPO, thus representing a new departure for the BIE and for the whole world.
With its espoused mission of emphasizing peace and tolerance and bringing the common points among cultures into the foreground, an EXPO 2015 held in Izmir will bring all mankind together to work in harmony on finding common solutions to global problems. In short, the entire world will come out ahead thanks to the support that other countries give to Izmir’s candidacy for EXPO 2015.