TRT Tourism Radio promotions continue

Broadcasting from Antalya Lara in five languages, English, German, French, Russian and Greek, Tourism Radio is continuing to promote Turkey, emphasizing its history, geography, and social, economic, cultural and touristic features and giving tourists who visit the country practical information about the weather, transportation, communications, tours, active and alternative tourism and touristic activities.

In addition to reporting news and developments from around the world, Tourism Radio also helps listeners pass the time pleasantly with programs of good music. While its ‘Turkish By Radio’ program teaches practical everyday Turkish, ‘Palace Dishes and Turkish Cuisine’ is aimed at promoting Turkey’s rich food culture. ‘From the Pens of Foreigners and Close Guests’ meanwhile is a program that passes along to listeners the observations of foreigners living in Turkey. ‘Blue Cruise’ and ‘Therapeutic Waters’ are devoted to Turkey’s lovely coves and beaches and its thermal springs and spas. TRT Tourism Radio is also available
24 hours a day over its website,ı. Frequencies vary from city to city but you can find all of them on the website.