Seeking the young designer of the year

Launched by the British Council in 2005, the International Young Design Entrepreneurs Competition is being held this year for the first time in Turkey in a cooperation between the British Council and Istanbul Modern with sponsorship by the Eczacıbaşı Group and VitrA.

This year’s competition, to be held in the area of design entrepreneurship in Turkey, is open to everyone who knows English and has confidence in their creative ideas. Among the competition categories are architecture, graphic design, product design and design promotion. In the program, carried out by the London British Council and aimed at bringing out creative ideas in the emerging economies and promoting them on an international platform, the Council’s representations in 110 countries define the areas in which they wish to compete and submit their applications. The person who qualifies as International Young Design Entrepreneur of the Year will receive a monetary award of 7500 pounds Sterling and get a chance to realize his innovative idea in a project carried out with the British Council.