Two Turkish films en route to Montreal Festival

Two Turkish films, 'Nokta' (Point) directed by Derviş Zaim and 'Sonbahar' (Autumn) directed by Özcan Alperi, have been invited to this year's International Montreal Film Festival.

Jointly produced by Baran Seyhan and director Derviş Zaim, with Mehmet Ali Nuroğlu, Serhat Kılıç, Settar Tanrıöğen and Şener Kökkaya sharing the lead roles, 'Nokta' will be shown in the 'Focus on World Cinema' section of the International Montreal Film Festival, to be held 21 August to 1 September. The film will continue its international festival journey at the Sarayevo Film Festival, in which it will also compete this year. Montreal's 'Focus on World Cinema' aims to ensure cultural diversity and dialogue between countries by bringing together films from around the world. 'Sonbahar', written and directed by Özcan Alper and produced by Serkan Acar, is also competing in the Locarno and Sarayevo film festivals, both of which are being held in August. The film, with Onur Saylak and Megi Koboladze in the lead roles, depicts the events that unfold when Yusuf returns to his country after a ten-year absence with a forensic medical report following a death fast.