28th International Istanbul Film Festival Gets Under Way

Organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Art and Culture (İKSV), the 28th International Istanbul Film Festival will take place between 4 and 19 April, with an opening ceremony on the evening of Friday, 3 April at the Lütfi Kırdar Exhibition and Conference Center.

Breaking a record with 170,000 in attendance last year, the International Istanbul Film Festival has another full program on offer this year. Most of the offerings, which have been shown at the world’s leading film festivals, are eagerly awaited films that will be shown in Turkey for the first time. In addition to the festival’s traditional categories of ‘From the World Festivals’, ‘Young Masters’ and ‘Mine Field’, new categories like ‘Country Silver, Cinema Gold: Argentina’, and ‘Aşkolsun!’ have been added. Memorable cinema classics will be shown in the categories, ‘Rebels, Saints, Lovers’ and ‘In Memory of’. This year as every year, a festival atmosphere will reign in Istanbul for two whole weeks in a series of parties, cinema classes, workshops and interviews with celebrated guests and master filmmakers.

Lifetime achievement awards to three film personalities
Three valuable artists who have devoted their lives to film are being honored by this year’s Istanbul International Film Festival with lifetime achievement awards. Among those to be honored are critic, archivist and writer Agâh Özgüç, actress Hale Soygazi and director Erdoğan Tokatlı.