“Chromosome XX”

Istanbul Modern Cinema in cooperation with Filmmor is offering a selection of films by women directors who have turned their cameras on the world. The films will be shown from 19 to 29 March.

The program, entitled ‘Chromosome XX’, includes: Emily Atef’s ‘The Stranger in Me’, which probes the maternal instinct, Alexis Krasilovsky’s ‘Women With Cameras’, which reflects the stories and work of 50 women directors that he followed all over the world for seven years; Kim Longinotto’s documentary entitled, ‘Rough Aunties’, which tells the story of the struggle waged by five women who came together in post-Apartheid South Africa on behalf of the forgotten children, Emiko Omori’s and Wendy Slick’s ‘’Passion and Power’, ‘Fraulein’ by Andrea Staka, who takes a close look at the lives of three women from a no longer existent country and their powerful desires and dreams despite fears and wounds, and ‘Black Box’ by Maria Victoria Menis, who tells the story of Gertrudis who grows up in 19th century Argentina in a region inhabited by Jewish immigrant families and who tries to become invisible because people find her ugly.