Nuri İyem Painting Prize

Given every year since 2006 with the purpose of bringing together art lovers of all ages who contribute to the Turkish art of painting in a competition named in honor of the great master, the ‘Nuri İyem Painting Prize’ is being awarded this year for the fourth time.

The artist deemed worthy of the award by a panel of judges made up of Prof. Rahmi Aksungur, Prof. Nefl’e Erdok, Mehmet Ergüven, Prof. Dr. Adem Genç, Prof. Dr. Zeynep İnankur, Ümit İyem, Prof. Dr. Erhan Karaesmen, Komet, İrfan Önürmen, Prof. Mehmet Özer and Feyyaz Yaman, will receive a cash prize of TL10,000 as well as a bronze ‘Statue’ made specially by Prof. Rahmi Aksungur to symbolize the prize. As part of the contest, the prize-winning artist will earn online catalog rights for two years in’s artist catalogs, and all exhibition-worthy paintings will also be shown at Evin Art Gallery from 9 to 23 June following an award ceremony to be held at the gallery, as well as being published in a comprehensive exhibition catalogue.

Artists wishing to enter the contest must be 18 years of age and Turkish citizens. Application forms are available on line from the Evin Art Gallery at and should be submitted to the gallery between 15 and 17 May.
Tel: (0212) 265 81 58