Suat Akdemir at Eskonsept

Suat Akdemir, whose work recently found a buyer at the Turkish Contemporary Art auction held at Sotheby’s London on 4 March, is bringing art lovers works culled from his projects of the last two years at Eskonsept’s new location from 9 April to 16 May.

Sotheby’s London’s recent Turkish Contemporary Art Auction drew the attention of the foreign press to modern Turkish Art. “There is a sudden flurry of activity around Turkish contemporary art” wrote the Financial Times on 21 February, “which some experts are tipping as the newest emerging market.”

Akdemir, born in 1960, uses now burnt, now worn or torn spaces, uniting them in a single, densely textured surface. In the canvases he has abandoned to nature he incorporates the marks of time in the working process itself, creating sculpturesque paintings. A ‘construction’ sculpture the artist created out of 4,000 photographs he took on a 6,000-km bicycle trip in 2002 as well as a recent ‘self-portrait’ can also be seen in the exhibition.
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