1001 Documentaries

The Istanbul 1001 Documentary Film Festival brings art lovers stories galore from around the world.

Held this year for the 12th time by the Documentary Filmmakers Association, the festival boasts 80 films, mostly world documentaries produced in the last two years. Venues for the festival, to be held December 4-11, are the French Culture Center, Pera Museum, Tarık Zafer Tunaya Culture Center, Muammer Karaca Theater, Kumbara Sanat, Nazım Hikmet Culture Center, the historic Sümerbank building and the Tobacco Depot.

Slices of life from China
Shown to acclaim at international film festivals, ‘Petition’ presents slices of life from today’s China centered around people seeking redress against local officials.

Towards 2010...
‘Voices From the Edge’ documents the struggle of ordinary people living in Brazil’s favelas to take part in the ‘World Social Forum’. A test fun for the European Social Forum slated to take place in Istanbul in 2010.

To secondhand bookdealer...
Enis Rıza’s ‘Çöpte Dostoyevski Buldum’ is one of the films that will premiere at the festival. The film tells the story of how a young man who made his living collecting waste paper became a secondhand bookdealer.

All in one
A film in the festival’s music documentary category, ‘One Man in the Band’ follows an eclectic group of eccentric ‘one-man-band’ musicians who invent their own instruments and play, record and distribute their music.

The Life of Boris Ryzhy
‘Boris Rhyzy’ tells the story of a talented young Russian poet who took his own life during the transition from Communism to Capitalism in Russia.