Beautiful, but does it work?

If you’ve started asking yourself this question, then you need to stop in quick at ‘Intersecting Point’, an exhibition featuring Turkish designers.

There’s a rare exhibition under way these days when form has hijacked function and just about everybody has a Philippe Starck lemon squeezer on their kitchen countertop. And everybody needs to see it. Curated by Mahmut Nüvit Doksatlı to explore the ‘beautiful but useless’ trend in design, ‘Intersecting Point’ brings together Turkish designers at Cihangir’s Ark Kültür.
From tables and chairs to carpets and shirts everything you can think of is on hand among these designs that stand out as would-be art objects. The most fascinating aspect of the exhibition, which opens up to discussion the prevailing trends among Turkish designers and their dialogues with each other, is the absence of labels. In other words, you don’t know who created any of these designs.

“We started something”, says Doksatlı, who has dedicated the exhibition to poet Melih Cevdet Anday, who died in November 2002, adding, “Only time will tell what comes of it.” Designers featured in ‘Intersecting Point’ include Adnan Serbest, Ahmet Kaleli, Alev Ebuzziya, Aykut Erol, Bihrat Mavitan, Can Yalman, Defne Koz, Ela Cindoruk and Serhan Gürkan. Through December 10.