Could This Be The Last Album?

With her retrospective ‘Autorretrato’, Monica Molina raises the question as to whether this album will be her last.

Making a small gesture to her fans in Turkey, Spanish artist Monica Molina has put Istanbul on the cover of her latest album, ‘Autorretrato’ (Self Portrait).  Molina, who is scheduled to perform at Iş Sanat on December 12, answered our questions just days before her concert.

Everyone must be asking you these days why you’ve put Istanbul on the cover of ‘Autorretrato’. So, why have you?
I’ve been head over heels in love with Istanbul ever since I gave my first concert here. It was Sinan Nergis of the Pasion Turca team, with whom I’ve worked for years, who put the idea in my head. Besides, what landscape could be more fitting than Istanbul for the album on which I’ve collected all my most beautiful songs?

Did you get any flak for this in Spain? After all, you do mention that it’s an album sponsored by the Spanish Radio and Television Board.
The Mediterranean countries are very close to one another, and Istanbul appeals strongly to Spaniards. In recent years especially a number of celebrities have come to Istanbul and aired their views in the print and visual media.

‘Autoretrato’ is a retrospective album.  The kind of album artists usually make towards the end of their career. Was that what you had in mind? Could this be your last album?
The album aims to bring listeners, especially those in foreign countries, my entire 20-year career. ‘Autorretrato’ is a project that reminds me as well as my listeners of how I have developed since my first album in 1989 and how I got where I am today.

So, it’s full speed ahead then...
That’s right. I still have many things to do. And one of the first will be to record the songs of my father, Antonio Molina.