The 5th World Water Forum

Turkey, this year is hosting the world's biggest ever meeting on water, the 5th World Water Forum, where the future of this essential element will be discussed 16-22 March.

Some twenty thousand participants, including 150 government ministers and fifteen heads of state, are expected to attend the 5th World Water Forum, which will be held under the sponsorship of Turkish Airlines at the Feshane and the Sütlüce Conference Center on the Golden Horn. Backers of the giant meeting include the State Hydraulic Works, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Forestry and Environment, the World Water Council (WWC), the Istanbul Water and Sewage Administration (İSKİ) and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB).
Six main themes and 23 subject headings covering all water-related topics will give shape to the forum, which will consist of a minimum 100 sessions. A 'Heads of State Summit' will be held for the first time to ensure participation of policy and decision-makers, and a joint communiqué will be issued following the Ministers' Conference. For the first time as well, an ‘Istanbul Water Consensus’ to be signed by all world mayors, will be presented at the 5th Water Forum. A 40,000-Euro, media-oriented “Turkish Republic Prime Minister's Water Prize” will also be awarded this year.