In praise of shadow

In its new exhibition, 'In Praise of Shadow', the Istanbul Modern Art Museum invites art lovers to discover the impact of traditional shadow theater on cinema and contemporary art.

The exhibition brings together the most important works of eight modern artists from seven different countries and two cinema masters from the first half of the 20th century.

Sponsored by the European Union Culture Program, the exhibition represents the first-ever cooperation between Istanbul Modern, the Modern Art Museum of Ireland and the Benaki Museum. Curated by Paolo Colombo, 'In Praise of Shadow' reflects the impact on contemporary art of shadow theater, which has its roots in Turkey and Greece. Including more than 100 works, the exhibition includes projects based on folk tales or simple modern narratives as well as shadow theater, silhouettes, drawings, texts, manuscripts and films. Through 6 May. Tel: (0212) 334 73 31