Wild one in the kitchen

Author of such cookbooks as Flavors that Come with the Season, Zen in the Kitchen, Stories from a Fruit Tree, and A Dish a Day, Tijen İnaltong in her new cookbook, Wild One in the Kitchen, describes in fairy tale style the aromatic herbs that are so important in our lives.

The distinguishing feature of this cookbook is that unlike other cookbooks about edible herbs it contains a story for each herb, either specially written or borrowed from another source, recounting what an important role herbs play in our lives and how laden with meaning they are.
Each story is followed by a detailed description of the herb, how it is grown, and how it can be used either in cooking or for other purposes. Written as if from the mouth of the herb itself, these engaging descriptions enable the reader to get to know the herbs, some of which are familiar already but others of which we either have only seen or don't know at all.